Welcome to The Party Kitchen.  I'd like to introduce myself.  


My name is Lori and I have always enjoyed cooking for myself and others.  I had the pleasure to work with Sarah, the former owner of The Party Kitchen.  Before that, I was a high school Family & Consumer Science teacher in Illinois, specializing in culinary arts and nutrition.   

I very much enjoy bringing our birthday party and cooking experiences to people who like hands-on learning.  There is so much energy in the room when people get their creative juices flowing.   I am looking forward to exciting opportunities and adventures that The Party Kitchen will bring to me and my customers. 

Upcoming Events

Weekend Classes

Kids off of school?  Well, that opens up the opportunity for another type of learning.  Let's do some hands-on learning and cook in the kitchen.  Check out my Special Events page for more details.  


Private Lessons this Spring

Would you like some small private lessons for you and a few close friends?  Lessons for your spouse or children?  I can do lessons for up to four in my home kitchen.   Spring special: $20 per person for a group of 4; appetizer and entree.  


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