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Sweet Toppings Cupcake Party


This party option is all about cupcake decorating. Guests learn how to color buttercream frosting and fondant, fill pastry bags and use them properly to decorate their cupcakes. Each guest receives 2 cupcakes to decorate. The fun happens when they create their own designs that can be matched to the party's theme. or challenge each other to a cupcake design competition. 

Belly Up to the Taco Bar

Who doesn't love tacos? Everyone at this party pitches in to make the group's meal.   Each child will be working with kitchen tools to prep the meat, the taco seasoning, the taco toppings and even baked tortilla chips.  Valuable cooking skills are learned during this party, including some math.  But, don't tell the kids- to them it's just a party.  Decorating 1 cupcake per child is also included in this package.  Contact for pricing.  

Italian Night

We know that food brings people together, but making it as a group adds a whole other level of bonding and friendship.  At this party, no one stands around doing nothing.  There is a combination of group work and individual personalization of the meal.  The meal focuses around making a fresh green salad with homemade Italian dressing and then each guest make his/her own Spinach and Meat Calzone.  Meat options are Ham or Meatball or choose just spinach and cheese.  One birthday guest once said, "This is the healthiest birthday party food I've ever had."

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Sweet Additions

Apron Add-on: Each guest can decorate his or her apron with fabric markers.  Consider it a party favor for each guest.  $6 per apron.

Fruit/Dessert Options to Taco Bar and Italian Night. Price based on selection. 

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